Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Relief Society!!!

We had a wonderful birthday celebration for Relief Society and as our gift to RS we had a service exchange. Here are some of the services that sisters gave...
Brownies every Sunday for a month
Homemade Bread
Taxes complete
Piano lessons
Paint a bathroom
Homemade gift cards
Homemade cinnamin rolls
Visiting Teaching done for a month, with treats
Ballet lessons
Voice lessons
A whole gallon of fresh blackberries
90 miutes of personal training
2 dozen cookies
Homemade home decor of your choice
1 hour of cleaning

Tammy Williams was our keynote speaker - "service" was the topic! We were so glad to have her back with us for the evening.

We learned a bit about each other in a get-to-know-you game - 2 truths and a fib...
Janalee Wood loves to play basketball
Emily Boudwin is from a famliy with 10 children
Karie Cheney was a badmitton champion
Laurie Shell cracked her head open at her sisters wedding

We still remember the primary birthday songs...and we sing them really good!

About 1/2 of the sisters stayed the night and many stayed up late watching a movie!
...and none of us snore - NOT

Barbara and Linda (Thank you Linda for the use of this beautiful home!)

For dinner we had lasagne and salad and french bread!

Laurie, Pricilla, Kimberly and Kathryn


Emily, Julie and Stephanie. Tammy and Renate in the background.
Jennifer was in charge of the food and it was wonderful!

Ali, Janalee and Jennifer

Kathryn and Carrie. Kathryn made these 4 different kinds of cupcakes, each with their own special filling. Some of us had to try them all!

Mike Wallace and Ron Cheney stayed with us for the whole event and cooked us breakfast in the morning. THANK YOU!!!
We LOVE each other and we LOVE Relief Society!