Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Parenting Breakthrough

Stephanie did a great job explaining the techniques taught in this book. We also were able to share our own ideas and help eachother with the struggles we face as parents. Sis. Brantley was sweet to come even though she has, "been there, done that." This was a very helpful night for each of us and we are so glad we did this. Thanks to Brittney for volunteering Stephanie!

Brand new baby Owen McLeod even joined us for the night. He was so good, didn't even make a peep. :)

I think we will have to do this one again!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Pasta Night!

The Larry, Lini team have out done themselves again! We learned the secrets to making delicious pasta and was able to taste all of their creations. We sure appreciate their generosity in having all of us in their home. It was a such a tasty evening.

They couldn't stop after just teaching us a few techniques, they finished the plate with toasted garlic bread, corn, and ice cream for dessert. Alex, you are doing spectacular!

We are happy to have the Ferrells' in our ward now. We had so many people there. Thank you Carnells! We think you should start your own cooking show. We could either call it "The Larry and Lini Cooking Show", or "Cooking with the Rae-Rae's", since both of their middle names are Rae. Wouldn't that be so cool? :)