Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Craft

For those of you who didn't see our Christmas craft we did this year, here it is. We first spray painted the frames and sanded them if you wanted the weathered look. We used Ali's vinyl on the glass of the frame and tied ribbon around the bottom or attached it on the top tied with a bow so that it could be hung. I think they turned out beautiful. We sure appreciate Ali's craftiness and making it so easy for the rest of us.

Cooking with Leti

Leti was so gracious to open up her home to all of us and show us her wonderful cooking skills. She cooked 3 recipes using beans, cheese quesedillas, a rice pudding, a special green salsa, and more. We ate and ate and ate and loved every minute of it.

Mango and Guava juice is delicious.

Leti's friend, Ingrid was there too. We enjoyed getting to know her.

I am going to eat all that rice pudding myself! I love it!
Thank you Leti, for a wonderful time.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fall Colors Hike

It was a beautiful day for a stroll on the Silver Comet Trail. I think we missed the fullest and most colorful trees, but it was still pretty. The kids were faster than the adults on their bikes and scooters. It was nice to get together.