Monday, September 8, 2008

Quarterly Enrichment Sept 2, 2008

"How Beautiful Thy Temples"
was the theme for our Relief Society Enrichment meeting! We hope you're enjoying your beautiful plaque and your CD full of FHE ideas about the temple!

The plaque reads "Only the home can compare with the temple in sacredness". This is taken from the Bible Dictionary under the entry, "temple."

Cathy Wood who has been in Georgia for 49 years opened our evening as she talked about what it was like to live in GA before there was a temple. The Atlanta temple was announced in 1980 and dedicated by Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley on June 1, 1983! Cathy has been here for all these wonderful events!

Laurie Shell sang a beautiful song (accompanied by her mom, Ellen Krogh) about temples!

Thanks to all the sisters who read our "tid-bits" of interesting information about 7 different temples (prepared by Heather)!

Ali Mendenhall made a fantastic CD with many FHE ideas on the topic of temples! We have a few extras in the RS closet. Ali is happy to make more if you need one ... and you can copy them for family and friends!

Then Ashley Rawcliffe prepared a fun game for us - a trivia game all about temples... now you can play this game with your family... check out the CD.

Renate Kratz, Anne Huff and Ashley Rawcliffe made the SLC temple cookies - yum! Ali Mendenhall made the Atlanta temple mints!

Thanks to our enrichment committee - Heather Strickland, Renate Kratz, Ali Mendenhall, Ashley Rawcliffe and Anne Huff. Plus Barbara Chastain and Karie Cheney (not pictured). Ashley made the yummy punch! Heather made all the invitations and posters and Barbara helped with the nursery (thanks to Nicole deLeon for taking care of the nursery children). It was definitely a team effort.

Just a few of the many sisters who were there. Maybe next time we should take a group picture so we can see all your smiles.

"The purposes of home, family, and personal enrichment are to strengthen faith in Jesus Christ and to teach parenting and homemaking skills. Enrichment is a time for sisters to socialize, learn, and be uplifted."

The purpose of this meeting was definitely acheived!!!!


Carrie Kay said...

I LOVE this idea! That truly was a wonderful night! Everyone did an amazing job! Thanks for all you do.

Uleda said...

I like in Centerfield utah we are close to the Manti temple. I would like a copy of your cd and any other information on this activity. Contact me at thank you

Chay said...

I love this activity. I would like a copy of your cd and any other information on this activity. My e-mail
Thank you!

The Merrills said...

I am in Texas and would love a copy of the CD and other materials you have.

Tristin Lindsay said...

I am in Tremonton utah. I would live more information and a copy of the cd as well. Please email me at

J Fisher said...

This is such a great idea! Our Ward Council is focusing on encouraging weekly FHE, and how we can invite inactive, struggling, and new members/families over to show them how FHE can improve family time and togetherness. If you are still sharing your notes and files, I would love to see them. Thank you for inspiring me. {}

Clarissa said...

I love the FHE idea about temples and the trivia idea. I am putting together a super Saturday and would love to maybe do this for that as one of the classes. It would be fun to put together one of them there and they can take the rest of the ideas to finish up at home. Could I get a copy of the cd and trivia please. Thanks for the inspirations you always share. You are very talented.