Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Quilting" Lost Mountain Ward Style

Here are some highlights of the Service Project we did for Tranquility House. We were able to tie 4 quilts. We could not have done it without the help of many hands. Thanks go out to all who contributed, especially Karie Cheney, Janalee Wood, and Karie's mom, Sister Buttle. They spent so much time putting these quilts together to get them ready to tie. And thank you so much to Kathyrn Miller for getting this all organized. What a great idea! The activity girls joined us and learned so much. We appreciate Julie and Jenny for bringing us all together, and for the work they did to help us get it all ready.

It took many teachers, but we got the job done.

Some of the Activity Day girls worked on another sewing project. They were able to practice their stitching. Jenny Woods was a great teacher.

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Karie said...

These are great pictures that capture the essence of the evening - service, fun, learning, sisterhood!