Saturday, July 18, 2009

More Swimming

We hit the pool again; this time at the Broadlands subdivision. We practically had the pool to ourselves. We spent quite a bit of time there. The big kids played with the little ones and the mom's got to relax a bit. Kathryn and Renate stayed cool. They looked like raisins when they got out.

Ellie brought a friend and Chelsea Orullian, Azrkca's granddaughter, met us there.

Britt and the babe, Maddie.

Mason and the little kiddies were happy to have a little kiddie pool to play in.

Rachel, Emily and Kate

Emma, Emily, Macy, and Samantha The Miller's brought loads of floaties.

Christiana and her cousin Josie from another ward. We were glad they joined us.
Ali, Boston, and Macy

Our next activity will be the book swap at Tara's house and then Lost Mtn. Park. Check the newsletter for times and dates. Hope to see you there.

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