Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cute Cards

Thank you Stephanie for teaching all of us how to make these adorable cards! We did birthday, Christmas, thank you cards and just anything cards. We had quite a few ladies there, but I didn't take pictures till half of them had already left and I just noticed the Christmas card is not in the picture. Which card do you like best? Azrcka, Lisa (Stephanie's friend), Stephanie, Julie, and Renate each holding up their favorite card.

Jency and her daughter Carlie. She also brought Arie. The daughters had twin pregnant bellies. Pretty neat.

Janalee at work.

These were absolutely divine! I just had to take a picture! If you want the recipe, just ask Stephanie. :)

Next activity is our big Quarterly Enrichment Night at the church. We will be learning how to "Party in the Pantry!"-learning to cook with our food storage essentials by Traci Sellers. Also, we will have some outdoor cooking demonstrations. September 17th at 7pm. See you there!

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