Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wheat Beyond Bread

Thanks to Azrcka for sharing her expertise with us on how to use our wheat in more ways than just making bread, even though, don't we all love homemade bread? We had a lunch crew and an evening crew. Here is the lunch crew. Katie with baby Hannah, Karie, Jenny, Carrie, Kathryn, and Renate
Azrcka, you are so beautiful!

The evening crew-Ashley with baby Baron, Anne, Ericka, Leti, Cathy, Deborah, Brittney, and Lini

It's amazing the things you can do with wheat. These cookies had a delicious flavor and texture. Azrcka also made some blender waffles using wheat. The great thing about these waffles is that you don't have to grind your wheat ahead of time.

Armenian cuisine-- This is Soup Kufta with Yogurt. The meatball is made with bulgar wheat, lean ground steak, onions, and seasonings with a margarine and walnut filling.

Pan Kufta, very similar to the above but flattened and fried in olive oil. So good!

This is a tabuleh with bulgar wheat, tomato, onions, and fresh herbs. So refreshing.

Azrcka with her wonderful daughters that came to help.

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Karie said...

Carrie: I love the way you took pictures of the food. It looks so good and it was YUMMY!