Sunday, May 2, 2010

RS Garden Makeover

Sister Collins was our lucky recipient in recieving the Extreme Yard Makeover. She has such a beautiful yard. It was fun to work on it with all that came. We worked hard, but was so enjoyable. The weather was beautiful and the fellowship was even better.
Lauri and Katie worked the shovel. They were a great team.

Carrie, (not in the picture--the photographer), Kathryn, and Kimberly cleaned up in this area.

These gals prepared the area for planting.

Laura and Cathy spruced up around the mailbox.

Judy put together some gorgeous potted plants. I should have taken the picture after they were done. You can see them in a picture of the whole area at the end of the post.

Barbara did as much as she could, recovering from an injured shoulder.

Ali starts putting in some flowers.

Janet works the rake.

Judy taught us how to decorate using fresh flowers. She had some amazing ideas.

This was a favorite, using green beans and asparagus.

But, there is no slowing Judy down, she made these beautiful and tasty cupcakes decorating with flowers made of icing, mini oreos, and gum drops.

The fruit, cheese, and crackers were very refreshing after working outside. Thanks Pricilla!

The Collins were so appreciative. We were so happy to help them.

The end results......

See the planters on the front porch?

I can't wait to come back and see all the flowers and plants filling up the beds. It will be beautiful!


Judith said...

You did an amazing job. What a beautiful yard. The cupcakes were great and the decorative veggies etc. What creative people. Great work Women!

christopher said...

I had such a great time doing that! It was a lot of fun and I would love to do it again. I loved the "drawing" idea.